Webinar: Amplify Your Message With Video Storytelling

Webinar: Amplify Your Message With Video Storytelling

On Wednesday, 6th May 2020 we held our Amplify Your Message With Video Storytelling webinar. Co-hosted with Drew Sykes, Director of Social Media at North Carolina State University, we covered a lot of ground in our hour chat. If you missed the webinar in real-time, here's a handy summary of the key points we discussed. 

Get creative with repurposing content. Create content to cater to specific audiences and make sure that assets are tailored to being what your audience needs or wants to see.

Diversify your team. Hire folks who know a little bit about lots of different things and allow them to nurture, grow, and build each other.

Build authenticity. Tell your audience the stories they want to hear. Avoid cliches. Invest in social media listening tools to understand what your audience is talking about and what resonates with them. Create content that engages on an emotional level to bolster authenticity.

Unlock feelings. If you're selling a product, think of the ways that tap into how people feel when they use it. Access their emotions and feelings and create content that's built around that.

Don't add to the noise. Look for ways you can insert yourself into a conversation. Think of clever tangents that will allow your brand or business to join social media chat around newsworthy topics.

Approach each platform differently. You wouldn't treat your company website the same way you'd treat the company's Facebook page.

Hungry for more? You can check out the whole webinar below.

Watch this space for a new webinar coming soon! In the meantime, sign up to Lumen5 and start to build authenticity for your brand with video marketing.