The Basic Guide In Understanding The Instagram Story Feature

Did you know that around 300 million people upload stories on their Instagram accounts? Just recently, Instagram became the talk of the town when it released a new feature that allows users to post Snapchat-like photos and videos. This feature is called “Instagram Stories,” which are deleted from the accounts of the users after 24 hours from the time of posting.

Instagram did another major change with this feature by introducing “Highlights.” With this feature, the users are now given an option to make the stories last for more than 24 hours. As a matter of fact, they can even create up to ten classifications for the highlighted stories. A lot of people love these features, and we believe that it is time for your company to take advantage of them too.

Take note that there are several ways on how you can reach out to your target market. The most effective one is to engage in video marketing to entice them to become buyers or clients. An excellent way of creating video content at the lowest cost possible is to use Instagram stories. All you have to do is capture 15-second videos and post it for free on your company’s social media channel.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different ways on how marketers like you can strategically use the Instagram features for your benefit. First of all, remember that the primary goal is to create authentic, exciting and engaging content that will not only catch the attention of the target audience but also encourage them to increase your sales.


Drop A Teaser Video

Are you launching a new product soon? Do you want to make your existing clients and potential customers become interested in it? Is it your objective to keep them on the loop with the developments? If yes, then record a 15-second video and post it on your Stories for the day. Do not exert too much effort in creating this video because it is only a teaser. Just keep it natural but avoid revealing too many details to keep the audience wanting for more.

Give Instant Updates

Are there new and exciting things happening for the brand? Let your creativity shine by uploading short videos, ranging from 3 seconds to 15 seconds. Keep in mind that people react positively to companies that are always innovating for something new. Make them feel excited about your posts. Entice them to love what you offer in the market by promising them with improvements in your brand. For example, if your company has a brand new indorser, be sure to mention it in your stories. Before the ad even comes out, it is good to give short and straightforward updates for your target audience. In so doing, they will start to provide trust to your company.


Promote Sales And Offers

Do you love offering sales and discounts to your customers? Are you interested in getting more conversions for your posts? Mention these promotions on your Instagram stories by sharing perfectly curated videos or images. Do not be afraid to let your creative side take the lead. Unlike all other video content online, Instagram stories are not that difficult to create. There are also filters to choose from, making your task entirely easier.

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