Introducing the Lumen5 Pro Plan

Starting today, you’ll be able to upgrade your Lumen5 account to the Pro Plan to get even more out of your videos. The two main differences between the Free Plan and the Pro Plan are video quality and the presence of Lumen5 branding in the credit scene.

Our goal is to always offer a valuable Free Plan that remains free forever. One of our criteria for the Free Plan is to make sure it always remains actually usable. This means no giant watermarks, no crushing limitations, and basically no strings attached. We want Lumen5 to remain accessible for individual and small business users without paying a dime.

The resulting Free Plan still offers the creation of unlimited videos, access to millions of free media files, and all the customizations you need to brand your videos. We decided to settle with 480p rendering as we feel that 480p is a very reasonable resolution for social and mobile viewers, which account for a majority of traffic these days. We’ve also intentionally kept the Lumen5 branding subtle and our logo only appears at the very end of the video on the side of the credit scene.

Our new Pro Plan will empower power users with 1080p HD videos which will look great on all platforms for full screen viewing. The ability to hide the Lumen5 branding in the credit scene will also help your videos appear more professional and bespoke.

Rest assured, we’ll continue building new features to enhance both plans and keep improving the quality of your videos!

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