Do You Want To Make One-Minute Videos?

Are you aware that many Internet users hate watching long videos that do not offer any value at all? Most of these individuals feel like their time has been wasted every time they experience this. As a marketer, this is where the challenge comes in because the truth is that you will have a difficult time in limiting everything you want to say in a short video.

In fact, many companies are not looking into effective ways of cutting down the length of their videos in less than one minute. Do not be surprised if you can see several one-minute videos online for this has become a trend in the market. Do you want to join the bandwagon of the businesses that focus on the production of one-minute videos? If yes, then be sure to remember these tips and tricks:

Identify Why You Want To Make One

You are off to a good start once you learn how to identify the ultimate reason why you are interested in creating a one-minute video. Do you want to share information with your viewers? Are you interested in promoting a brand? Or is there a new discount or special offer that your company is running? Knowing the “why” for the creation of a one-minute video can help a lot.

Study The Target Viewers

Who are the people that you want to reach for your videos? Knowing the answer to this question can lessen the hardships or challenges in the production of the content. Take note that in whatever you do, it is essential to please the target audience. An excellent way of making this happen is adding videos that will make them feel happy or satisfied.


Make It Compelling Enough

Think of the strategies that you can use to increase the greatness of your video. Add exciting clips and music that will make them subscribe to your social media channels. Most importantly, be sure that you avoid talking about topics or issues that can be sensitive. Always remember that viewers have different opinions, which is why you must be careful about what to post online.

Be Direct To The Point

Many people love one-minute videos because they do not take so much of their time. Everything is presented at a fast pace. This is something that you must remember during the process of creating your content. Be direct to the point so as not to bore or irritate your audience. Keep in mind that these people will not have second thoughts to close the video immediately if they do not like what they see.

Boost Your Videos

If possible, set aside a budget for promoting your videos in the digital world. Fortunately, advertising your videos online is no longer expensive as long as you know how to create the right ad campaigns. In fact, you can already advertise a video on Facebook or Instagram for as low as $1 per day. It is essential to increase the reach for the one-minute videos uploaded on your online accounts.

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