30 Real Estate Logos That Are Borderline Genius (And Why)

“Real Estate Logo” and “Real Estate Logos”

If your business is in the real estate, you probably know that uniqueness, and memorability matter when it comes to brand recognition. Assuming you want to take your brand to another level, you don’t want to go for a real estate logo with overused and generic images of houses.


Because your real estate logo says a lot about you and your brand.

In this post, I’ll share 30 stellar examples of brands who got creative with their real estate company logos and explain why having a professional one is such a deal breaker.

Why You Need a Professional Real Estate Logo

Last year, 5.5 million homes were sold in the U.S. With the industry thriving, Realtors need to make sure they stay on brand if they want to grow their business and be on top of the competition. Creating a powerful brand people know, like, and trust should be your top priority.

That’s where your real estate logo comes in.

According to the Real Estate Marketing Dude, “Your real estate logo is one of the most important components of running a referral based business. Often times, this gets overlooked by real estate agents who instead press the easy button and use their broker’s log […].”

And he makes a good point. “Your real estate logo keeps you top of mind while at the same time constantly serves as a subliminal advertisement for your services without sounding like a salesperson. It serves as a constant reminder that you are a Realtor without having to say it,” he adds. At the end of the day, “People don’t remember real estate agents, they remember their branding.”

So let’s just put it out there: your logo shouldn’t look like something a 10-year-old draw in Paint.

99 Designs couldn’t have said it better:

“A great business logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity. You’ll use it for all parts of your company: on your website, social media, physical products, packaging, marketing materials and in stores. A great logo helps customers understand what you do and what sets you apart from the competition. It can be the difference between a one-time purchase and creating a long-term ongoing relationship with your customers.”

Tips On How to Rock You Real Estate Logo

Research from the National Association of Realtors shows 90% of home buyers look online to find their next home, while 70% of them will anticipate who you are through your online content.

Here are a bunch of tips on from 99 Designs on how to make the real estate logo your best brand ambassador.

#1. Give it A Sense of Place

“When you’re searching for a unique visual identity, consider your company’s local culture, skylines, and iconic architecture. This will often produce the unique real estate logo and brand identity you’re looking for.”

#2. Play With the Company’s Name

“Tired of finding unique ways to incorporate buildings into your real estate logo design? Switch gears and play with your company’s name instead. Plenty of real estate companies have noteworthy names—why not have some fun with that instead?”

#3. Keep an Eye on The Latest Trends

“Some logo trends transcend industry. Vintage lettering, logo badges, line art… if you want to look hip give one of these logo styles looks a try. These can be especially impactful if they pair with your brand identity.”

Drones, millennial buyers, virtual tours—I’m talking about the present. To make sure you change with the times, you need to know what’s trending.

30 Real Estate Logos That Won Our Hearts

#1. Compass

Even though Compass went from a venture capital-backed startup to a luxury brokerage, their branding has stayed true to their roots. The slash in the “O” in the logo beautifully illustrates the needle of a compass.

#2. Two Trees Management

#3. Fredrik Eklund

#4. Hawai’i Life

#5. Partners Trust

#6. Vandenberg

#7. StreetEasy

#8. Warburg Realty

#9. Coastal Ridge Real Estate

#10. Mirador Real Estate

#11. Alexander Team at Douglas Elliman

#12. Junot Immobilier

#13. Waterfront Properties and Club Communities

#14. One 57

#15. Rose Associates

#16. Climb Real Estate

#17. The Agency

#18. M Realty

#19. Porchlight Real Estate Group

#20. Dave Perry-Miller

#21. Dale Sorensen Real Estate

#22. Who Lends Here

#23. IVAN Real Estate

#24. Red Oak Realty

#25. The Corcoran Group

#26. The Habibi Group

#27. Partners Trust

#28. Nicholas Property Group

#29. Saunders

#30. Julian Pilarski

How to Create a Stellar Real Estate Logo

According to Building Better Agents, there are five important things to keep in mind when creating a real estate logo:

  1. Using a professional graphic designer (vs. your semi-creative cousin)
  2. Selecting the best colors for your logo (and your target audience)
  3. Finding the correct size and shape of your real estate logo
  4. Creating a recognizable icon
  5. Requesting several variations of your real estate logo

Sana Khan from Think Design shared their secrets to creating real estate logos. I turned them into a summary to make it easier for you to ….

Let’s dive in.

#1. Avoid Cliché Images and Symbols

Here’s something to put you in the right mindset: “Overused design concepts like building structures, rooftops and homes have been used by thousands of designers, ” said Sana, suggesting Realtors to avoid falling into this trap. Think outside the box—there are several approaches you can take and still highlight real estate.

#2. Experiment with Typography

When it comes to creating fresh and trendy logos, “you don’t always have to add an image or a symbol, strong typography also works well. Use an abbreviation or initials of the business name and create a simple yet unique real estate logo.”

#3. Be Bold When Using Colors

Who said you should keep things black and white? “[…] Feel free to play around with colors. However, make sure the colors show the company’s true personality. Blue, grey, silver, gold, black and brown show professionalism. For a trendy approach, you can contrast these colors with red, orange, yellow and purple.”

#4. Represent the Company’s Personality

Think about real estate logos as the front doors of any business. They should completely match the personality of their brand to represent the business accurately. And here’s one more I thought should be in this list:

#5. Think About Your Niche

Here’s the thing: selling luxury homes is different from holiday renting. Do think about your niche and design an appropriate logo.

Over to You

Real estate is an industry generally defined by you, the real estate agent a.k.a by the way you present yourself and do business. If you want to build credibility and generate leads, developing a fresh presence starts with having a professional real estate logo. who raised the bar with their logo design. 

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